Bashir and Salva Kiir to meet soon on outstanding issues, says Riak Machar.

16 October, 2007 (Miraya FM)

President Omar Al Basher has announced that he will meet the first Vice-President Salva Kiir Mayardiet in Khartoum in the next two days to discuss the current crisis between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement the National Congress Party on the implementation of the CPA.

Earlier President Al Bashir met the SPLM delegation led by the Vice-President of the Government South Sudan Dr Riak Machar to receive a message from First-Vice President Kiir.

After the meeting, the SPLM delegation held a press conference during which a statement was handed out, saying that President Al Basher pledged not to let the Sudanese people down in the implementation of the CPA.

Dr Riak Machar spoke in the press conference:  "In short we discussed the content of the two letters and the First Vice president will come soon to Khartoum so that together with the president of the republic find solutions to the issues that have been raised in the two letters.

In general the two parties are committed to the CPA and we as SPLM we think the implement of the comprehensive peace agreement leads to democratic transformation and consolidate peace.

And through this agreement we can reach a solution for the Darfur conflict." siad Dr. Riak Machar Vice President of the Goverment of South Sudan and Frist Vice chairman of the Suda Peoples Liberation Movement.


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