South Sudan is not going back to war, Salva Kiir

By Isaac Vuni

October 14, 2007 (ST)

The president of the government of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit has, today, assured southern Sudan masses that SPLM will not go back to war and neither will it start war with Khartoum ruling National Congress Party (NCP), with whom SPLM signed the comprehensive peace agreement on January 9th 2005.

Kiir said "Even if NCP is relegating from CPA deal that was signed and witnessed by international communities, SPLM will not be the first to start war but will rather push on for its full implementation, meanwhile keeping the witnesses to the CPA informed of any violation being committed by the NCP before resorting to war."

Speaking to Christian faithful at St. Teresa cathedral Kator-Juba, President Kiir lauded SPLM Interim Political Bureau (IPB) decision to suspend participation, recalled and instructed all its presidential advisors and ministers in the Government of National Unity (GoNU) in Khartoum, and northern states not to report to work even if they are in Khartoum until the terms of the CPA are fully implemented.

"We would like to see whether the NCP would run the so called government of national unity alone without SPLM which is the major partner in peace deal that ended the Sudan longest and destructive war on January 9th 2005." The Sudanese First Vice President said.

Otherwise, NCP has been taking SPLM for a ride over implementation of the peace agreement and at the same time made a lot of empty public relationship to incriminating SPLM. He further said

President Kiir said the continuous issues that prompted SPLM IPB to recall all presidential advisors and ministers from GoNU and northern states among others are: border demarcation between the north and the south that should have been done within the interim period of six months from the date of signing of the CPA, followed by withdrawal of Sudan Armed Forces from southern Sudan territories on a fixed dateline of July 9th 2007 but SAF is instead reinforcing its army in oil rich states of Unity and Malakal, hence national population census scheduled for February 2008 would also be difficult without border demarcation, wealth sharing where SPLM is not aware of how many barrel are produced in a day and where and how much oil is sold before giving southerner, the real owner of oil fields, a pennant ration, constant interference by NCP in the power of the First Vice-President of the Republic of the Sudan who is also the president of government of southern Sudan and the coming election in year 2009 would be impossible without border demarcation, adding that there are so many thinks that have not been implemented.

President Kiir pointed out, since the IPB decision was announced, some southern Sudanese have condemned the decision saying that it was not the right decision to take because the agitator thought that southern Sudan is going back to war; but we are not and will not start the war because we know the consequences that are faced during the war; we were fighting and we know what it means if we go back to war, Kiir reassured the faithful.

Kiir noted that those people who are condemning the SPLM political bureau decisions are those who are still in exile who did not fight the war and hence refused to come back when the peace was signed and now saying SPLM wants to take people back to war. In fact, the perpetrators of such rumors are people who have not even made any contribution during the liberation struggle, nor have they pay anything to those who had been fighting for their liberation. Instead of returning home to help in development of southern Sudan, they are busy to fuel issues including those southern Sudanese who yesterday went to condemn the IPB decision in Khartoum media, underlined president Kiir.

He went on saying that other southern Sudan political parties have come out openly in support of the SPLM and they are also going to recalls their ministers from GoNU.

Sudan’s First Vice-President Kiir told the congregation that President Omar al-Bashir has been an obstacle to his decision to make some changes in SPLM cabinet members at GoNU including shifting some ministers within GoNU ministries.

"Unless president Omar takes action on my recommendations for reshuffle, there would be mistrust." Kiir wondered whether that is how partners of CPA should operate.

If there is fighting we can fight and what is wrong with that, posed Kiir.

Meanwhile the SPLM Secretary of western Equatoria state Yambio, Edward Maderson Bokulu, said the Thursday October 11th pullout by SPLM from GoNU is a matter of testing the sincerity of NCP, whether they are really for solving southern Sudan problem or out to fooling SPLM.

Bokulu revealed that NCP members in Wstern Equatoria state have gone underground and could not even hold a public rally. On the other hand some who pretended to be SPLM but their action does not reflect what they claim. Therefore, Bokulu cautions SPLM Secretaries to be careful in admitting defectors from other political parties who might have a hidden agenda to derail the SPLM from within.

He appealed for unity of all southern Sudanese irrespective of their ethnicity, social, religiously and political so that aspiration of the people of south Sudan are realized in the coming referendum

The assistant parish priest of St. Teresa Cathedral, Fr. Joseph Wani called to all Christians and other southern Sudan political parties to fully support the decision of the SPLM and president Salva Kiir Mayardit who is championing the interests of all southern Sudanese.



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