The SPLM restores the hope of marginalised Sudanese

By Koang Tut Jing
October 12, 2007

No-one like war but SPLM leadership made a reasonable decision. These leaders have been submissive for years now thinking the NIF will be pleased to grant them all they aim for. With all we learnt from the past agreements and the correct description (NIF too deformed to be reformed) of NIF by late Garang I come to conclusion that there will never be peaceful solution in the Sudan’s crisis. For over a year now most visionaries Southern Sudanese and other marginalised Sudanese have been relentlessly voicing out the illness of CPA to our leaders in the SPLM/GOSS due to the lack of will from NIF to implement it fully. Many of these voices are branded as war-mongers for what they perceive as real threat to the very objectives the SPLM/A has fought for in the last decades.

Today, the SPLM/GOSS has made a heroic move which the author likened with the step taken by Kuanyin Bol in May 16th 1983. Our survival depends on how strong we stand against the blank threat from NIF Movement in Khartoum. We will not survive if we continue to appease those terrorists. Many of us lost hope whether SPLM leadership would one day demonstrate what they can in defend of CPA but now restored. However, how far the SPLM leaders will go no-one knows. Hopefully the SPLM mean business this time around.

I do not see any reason why the SPLM could be submissive given how important protocols of CPA are not implemented. The SPLM leadership knows that CPA was not just a negotiated Agreement but an agreement that came after million lives sacrificed. If this is violated given that huge lost, what is the point of appeasing NIF? Those souls gone because they wanted a Sudan which would house everybody justly and equal but if NIF over-looked these very principles million lives perished for, why it took so long for the SPLM to realise the dark side of NIF? Although the move of suspended working with NIF in the GONU seems late, it is the best decision SPLM ever took since it entered into partnership with NIF despite uncountable breaches of CPA NIF committed in the last two years.

SPLM went to war against the robbers in Khartoum not for ten percent oil but to liberate the masses ever since faces extermination under Khartoum successive evil regimes. If Abyei Protocol, border demarcation, transparency in oil sharing and withdrawal of forces from the South has not takes place I would love to see the SPLM leadership to choose the best option to deal with these cunning evils. SPLM should know they have upper hand in everything including the option of war. A new front-line in Southern Sudan would be the final death of NIF in Southern Sudan, Southern Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain and subsequently in the whole Sudan. All masses of marginalised are behind you.


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