Sudan's ruling party says to conduct more consultations with peace partner

Oct. 11, 2007 (Xinhua)

Sudan's ruling National Congress Party (NCP) said on Thursday that it would conduct more consultations with its peace partner, the former rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), to settle a political crisis between them.

  Nafie Ali Nafie, presidential adviser and NCP vice chairman, told a press conference that any problem and difference between the SPLM and his party could be ironed out through consultations.

Nafie made the remarks hours after the SPLM announced a suspension of the partnership with the NCP and stop its ministers' participation in any constitutional activity of the central government in Khartoum.

The SPLM signed a peace agreement with the Sudanese government controlled by the NCP in 2005 to put an end to the 21-year civil war between the northern and southern parts of the African country.

The political power was shared between the two partners in the central government in Khartoum while an autonomous government was established by the SPLM in southern Sudan.

However, the SPLM and the NCP have repeatedly exchanged blames for a delay in the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

At the press conference, Nafie reiterated NCP's commitment to implementing the CPA, which he termed as "a historical achievement of the Sudanese people", adding that his party would do its best to prevent the agreement from collapsing.

Ruling out an impact of the SPLM's decision on the security situation in southern Sudan, Nafie noted that it was not the time for his party to consider a reshuffle of the government in view of the present crisis.

The SPLM announced earlier on Thursday that it suspended its partnership with the NCP as well as its participation in the central government in Khartoum because of Khartoum's failure to implement a peace deal.

The SPLM made the decision at a meeting of its politburo in Juba, the capital of southern Sudan, recalling all ministers and presidential advisers from the government of national unity, a senior SPLM official Pagan Amum told a news conference.

"Presidential advisers, ministers and state ministers will not report to work until these contentious issues are resolved," he added.


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