Lam Akol: Future of NCP-SPLM Partnership Reassuring

By: Mona Al Bashir

October 09, 2007 (SVD)


CPA will never collapse because the Southern Sudan people militated and sacrificed a lot to achieve peace, Sudan’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Lam Akol told Sudan Vision in an exclusive interview yesterday.  He expressed reassurance of the future of partnership between the National Congress Party NCP and SPLM. ''This partnership has been dictated by the necessity to implement CPA,'' said the Minister adding that the Sudanese citizens will monitor the commitment of the two parties to the Agreement implementation.

The Minister referred to the several achievements brought about since the signing of the Peace Agreement such as the security and stability which constitutes the core of development and reconstruction. He pointed to the establishment of the organs assigned the implementation of the CPA, affirming that these organs are operating effectively.

Dr. Akol admitted that there was delay in the implementation of some protocols. He however ascribed that to some objective reasons, adding that joint committees have been set up by the two partners to examine difficulties facing implementation.   According to him that move indicates that efforts are being made to overcome these difficulties and that it has not been decided that these committees have failed.

Meanwhile, the Minister refuted the American Envoy, Andrew Natsios' statement that the relations between the two partners are poisoned, describing this statement as the view of Natsios which does not represent those of the international community and US Administration.''Akol said he was wondering how Natsios came to that impression. 

He said that the situation currently prevailing is not telling of that exaggerated picture as portrayed by the US Envoy to Sudan.
Akol described the leak about his sacking from the Ministry as fabricated press news and that SPLM concerns are bigger than sacking of individuals.


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