UN Military Experts Study Withdrawal of SPLA from South Kordofan

By: Al Sammani Awadallah
October 09, 2007 (Sudan Vision Daily)

The UN military committee for observing cease fire in Southern Sudan has received a report about the redeployment of SPLA and its position in South Kordofan. According to UN sources, the UN military observers intend to investigate the information contained in the report of the SPLA. 

UN requested for the report from SPLM about the redeployment of SPLA. The leader of UN delegation, Lieutenant General Jasber Lider stated that the joint military committee has named the second of current October for the SPLA to provide a comprehensive report about its withdrawal from South Kordofan. He added that SPLA didn't provide any information about its withdrawal from the area. He announced that the information it provided was not specific because they are required to give specific information in the above mentioned date.

The armed forces has stated recently that the SPLA hasn't withdrawn from Abu Tarig, Aldabab and has submitted the issue to the cease-fire political committee and accused the SPLA of not honouring its commitments which are stipulated in the resolutions of the joint meeting.


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