Daniel Kodi: clashes between Miseriya and Nuba a mistake

by Nanne op 't Ende
2 October, 2007

The violence in Lagawa county between Miseriya and Nuba on September 29 took the lives of 20 people: 14 from the Miseriya and 6 from the Nuba. An unknown number of people was injured. The Nuba came under attack after a minor incident sparked anger among the Miseriya.

Reacting to other reports on the story Daniel Kodi, Deputy Governor of South Kordofan, repeated that the number of casualties was 20, not 43 as the New Sudan Vision reported.

According to Kodi, the violence was the result of a mistake. He aknowledged that tensions in the area have a longer history. "The people of Abujunuk were already living up the hill because of previous violent incidents."

Security forces arrived to prevent more violence and conduct a thourough investigation of what happened in Saturday's clashes.

Kodi did not fear for the stability of South Kordofan as a whole. "It is a very serious matter, but the SPLM and the NCP are working closely together to stabilise the area. We are sending in our most senior advisors to mediate."

The Deputy Governor (SPLM) called cooperation with Governor Omer Suleiman Adam (NCP) 'harmonious'.


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