Tension between Baggara Arab and Nuba leaves at least 43 dead

A dispute over water resources in Sunut area between Baggara Misseriya Arab and Nuba leaves at least 43 people dead. The casualties could be greater as New Sudan Vision’s Abdallah Al Kheir reports from Khartoum

By Abdallah Al Kheir Suleiman

October 1, 2007 (NSV)

Several members of Baggara Misseriya and neighboring Nuba tribesmen were killed from a dispute over water resources in Sunut area. More than 28 from the Misseriya and 15 Nuba were killed in the incident that occurred around 1pm 29th September in Safra, a village south of Sunut. Casualties are great and several people are still unaccounted for as NSV went online. Nine people with gunshot wounds are in Abuzabad hospital while 5 with serious wounds are evacuated to El-Obeid hospital. Police Reserve Force are on their way to Sunut area.

Sunut is a contested area between the Misseriya and the Nuba. The area came under administration of South Kordofan after CPA. It returned the ownership of the area to the Nuba of Kordofan. Sunut is having a perennial lake and water reservoir around its sloppy valleys where cattle grace during dry season.

Early this year, the Ajang (Nubian tribe) Conference that should have taken place in Sunut around April was aborted which was due to threats. Convergence of the Nuba in Sunut was seen by NCP as undermining. The Misseriya who were allied to Khartoum during north-south conflict were secretly armed by SAF through their sons in the army. The population in Sunut is mixed with Misseriya only passing through the town on their way to greener grazing lands southward.

In April south Sudanese IDPs voluntarily evacuated the area because of frequent threats and heavy arms in the area. Baggara Misseriya who lived with the Nuba for centuries are being instigated by NCP to reject being under South Kordofan administration that eventually will bring them under Nuba.


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