Security in South Kordofan might escalate due to clashes between Messeriya and Nuba tribes

2 October, 2007(Miraya FM)

Mediation efforts in South Kordofan State between the Messeriya and Nuba tribes have reached a deadlock.

The two tribes had clashed last Saturday leading to the death of 19 people. 

Speaking to Miraya FM the commissioner of Lagawa, Mekke Kaffai Mekke, warned that the violence will escalate, unless high political authorities take action especially that the area is witnessing turmoil.

"There are disagreement between the leaders of the two tribes," said Mr. Mekke.

"The leaders of the Messeriya and Nuba were supposed to travel from Khartoum in the same plane to percieve the scene but the leaders of the Messeriya refused to fly in the same plane with the Nuba leaders," he said.

The commissioner said that the local authorities have intervened but the initiative have been rejected by the Messeriya.

However, despite the deployment of forces to the areas of Abojonok and Al-Hajar, the commissioner affirmed that the situation is apparently stable after being assured by the security forces deployed in the area.


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