The UN gives the SPLA a dealine to provide detailed report on its withdrawal from South Kordofan

1 October, 2007

Speaking exclusively to Miraya FM, the force commander of the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), Lt. General Jasbir Lidder, said that they have given the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) until the second of this month to provide the Mission with a full detailed report regarding their withdrawal from South Kordofan.

"The SPLA provided information which was not very focused," Lt. Gen. Lidder told Miraya FM adding, "it was very "jam-bric" in nature".

He said, "so we have asked them to provide us with exactt information by the second of October".

Lt. Gen. Lidder asserted that the SPLA is not getting serious, "we want to monitor their movement and we want to facilitate its deployment to the south".

The SPLA had earlier made conditions that the Sudan Armed Forces should first withdraw from Rabkona in the Unity State before the (SPLA) withdraws from the areas of Dabab and Abu Matariq in South Kordofan. 


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