Jasper Lidder : CJMC suspended SPLA withdrawal from South Kordofan

18 September 2007 (Miraya FM)

Speaking exclusively to Miraya FM the Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in Sudan, Lt. General Jasper Lidder, said that the Ceasefire Joint Monitoring Commission (CJMC) has suspended the withdrawal of the SPLA forces from South Kordofan State.

The decision was taken due to lack of logistics to transport the SPLA forces. 

The force commander pointed out that the SPLA did not give enough details regarding it’s withdrawal, and said that the SPLA was asked for more coordination in this aspect.

 "Initially the SPLM moved from south Kordofan area without giving exact details to us," Lt. Gen. Lidder told Miraya FM.

He asserted that, "in addition to that they also have some logistic problems in their movements".

Lt. Gen. Lidder said that the SPLA is facing logistical problems related to the transportation of t its forces, "so temporally according to the CJMC decision, we have frozen that movement and we are asking them to coordinate with their people so that we can monitor them." 



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