NC & SPLM Allow UN Intervene to make Census on Forces Existing in South Kordofan

15 September 2007(SMC)

National Congress and SPLM have agreed to allow UN intervenes in south Kordofan to make census on the number of the forces existing in the area from both sides.

It was noted that SPLA elements supposed to have been started withdrawal from the area the southward. However, the Sudan Armed Forces SAF has considered its presence at oil field as justified.

In the same development UN, secretary general Ban Ki Moon in his report to UNSC said security arrangements protocol of CPA is not progressing. He said SPLA still keeps forces in south Kordofan and Blue Nile, while SAF still keeps forces in Upper Nile and unity states.

SAF spokesman Osman Mohammed AL Aghbash said existence of armed forces in oil filed is justified. He reminded that the SPLA forces which had been detained at AL Dabab and Umatong was found carrying arms, adding that this force has been working without legitimacy for longtime in the area.



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