Besieged SPLA platoon arrives Juba

Media Monitoring Report, 13 September 2007
(Juba Post)

A group 0f 61 SPLM besieged by Sudan Armed Forces in AL-Muglad have been allowed passage last Saturday September 8th and will arrive Juba on Thursday.

According to SPLA Spokesman General Kuol Deim Kuol, the platoon of the SPLA soldiers led by the SPLA Director of Organization, Major General Ayuen Alier Jongroor,and SPLA director of Intelligence Brig. General Malual Majak plus three other senior army officials were sent to South Kordofan and Southern Darfur in order to organize the Miseriya militia men who have chosen to join the SPLA.

The platoon who was intercepted by SAF was on its way to South to ensure that all SPLA forces are relocated south of the 1.1.1956 line as agreed in the CPA. “These absorbed militia groups are led by Brig.
Hassan Humid in Dibab Abu Matarig respectively, and they are considered other Armed Groups(OAGs)that have opted to join the SPLA; and the decision of the political ceasefire committee is that they relocate South of the 1.1.1956 line border line.

“When the contingent of Brig. Hassan Hamid along with the SPLA officers were returning from Abu Matarig to Dibab, over 1000 Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) soldiers with 4tanks surrounded them and the stand off lasted for nearly three days at Al-Muglad” reports the SPLA spokesman.

“Sudan Armed Forces soldiers; asked our forces to hand over their arms and uniforms but our forces refused. We told them we did not want to be humiliated” he adds.


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