59,000 from Rizeigat and Miseria join SPLA

Media Monitoring Report, 9 September 2007

A senior SPLA officer announced the joining of some 32,000 from Rizeigat tribe in Eddein locality and 27,000 from the Miseria tribe from western sector of South Kordofan had joined the SPLA.

Brig. Deng Meong said that the group were demobilized soldiers of the government- PDF and was dispatched at the Head of committee of the SPLA to absorb these forces and guarantee their withdrawal south of 1956 borders.

SPLM’s Secretary-General in Eddein locality Musa Gaboura noted that the SPLA’s committee in the locality finalizes the absorption of 2500 of Rizeigat forces into the SPLA.

Meanwhile, armed clashes erupted Saturday between the PDF demobilized soldiers and police forces in Eddein town, South Darfur.

NCP Leader Abdulhameed Kasha was able to reach an agreement with a large group of the PDF soldiers, who mutinied following failure of the NCP to pay their entitlements.


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