CFC Orders SPLA Troops Out of Muglad

By:  Al Sammani Awadallah
September 09

At its meeting held yesterday presided over by Co-chairmen Mayom Mayom and Al-Dirdeeri Mohammed Ahmed, the Ceasefire Commission issued a decision for the SPLA forces in Muglad to immediately withdraw from the town and to move to Al-Dabab area, provided that the forces already present in Al-Dabab and Abu-Matarig areas head for South Sudan within a period of not more that one week.

The meeting stressed that the forces will move in civilian dress without carrying any arms, after obtaining prior permission from SAF and the SPLA.

Al-Dirdeeri said that the NCP and SPLM, on the one hand and SAF and SPLA, on the other, will coordinate among themselves to implement this task within a week.

The Commission's Co-chairmen further permitted UNMIS to move to Muglad, Abu-Matarig and Al-Dabab areas during the coming month to monitor the implementation of these movements.

He narrated that SPLA forces that arrived in Muglad earlier were prevented from entering the town because they were carrying arms which is a prohibited act due to the fact that Muglad belongs to Northern Sudan. He indicated that the situation has caused tension in Muglad since last Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Security and Police Affairs Minister in the Government of South Sudan, Paul Mayom, said that the SPLM is fully committed to implementation of the resolutions made, adding that such flaws as existed were due to lack of coordination between the two partners at the field level.

He stressed the need for establishing field communications in order to avoid problems, remarking that the two partners' impasse over the forces detained in Muglad has been overstepped and that those troops have now moved to Al-Dabab.


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