SPLM accuses NCP of destabilizing South Kordofan

Media Monitoring Report, 3 September 2007
(Khartoum Monitor)

Sudan People`s Libration Movement (SPLM) secretary in South Sudan State, Simon Kalo, fears disability in southern Kordofan in the coming period due to the exchange of posts between the National Congress Party (NCP) and SPLM.

He said in a statement to Khartoum Monitor that the challenges they face are represented by security violation, infringements and lack of cooperation on the part of the National Congress Party. Among the issues raised were the failure of the return of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) to the 1956 borders besides the non-amalgamation of the police forces and non- implementation of the security arrangements and re-amalgamation of the army.

He accused anonymous parties of carrying out security violations in the state. He added that the Sudan People`s Libration Movement in South Kordofan State completed its political formation I the state, however heavy rainfall prevented completion of the process in the villages.

He said that non-implementation of the security arrangement prevented the donors from implementing reconstruction programme and spearheading development in the state.


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