Wali of South Kordofan issues decree expelling the head of the UN office in the

Media Monitoring Report, 27 August 2007

The Wali of South Kordofan issued a decree expelling the Senior UN official
in the State and ask for his replacement. Informed sources in the State revealed that
the decision was made because of the bad treatment the State Government delegation
and SAF HQ commander in the State received (from the UN officials) when they
were intending to visit the areas affected by rains and floods using UN planes.

Stringent measures inside the UN part of Kadugli airport were taken against the
delegation as some of its members didn’t have IDs, sources said. The delegation
waited for two hours at the airport. A UN official decided to overcome the problem
but the Senior UN official objected to that. The delegation left the airport angry due to
lack of cooperation from the side of the UN.


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