Return to War Inconceivable, Machar

By Alsamani Awadallah
July 28, 2007 (Sudan Vision Daily)

Vive President of the Government of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar, said the return to war again is inconceivable, particularly according to him, the two parties concerned with the implementation of CPA are in a state of continuous dialogue.

Machar statement came in response to the report published yesterday by the International Crisis Group seated in London. The Group warned of the possibility of Sudan slipping into civil war again if the international community did not press for the implementation of CPA.

Machar stated that if ICG based its said report on the issues of Abyei and redeployment of the armed forces in the oil areas, the two parties are now discussing these two issues and have not reached a deadlock .

Dr. Machar who was talking to Sudan Vision from Juba affirmed that SPLM is optimistic of reaching a solution to the Abyei issue as soon as possible, in addition to transcending the issue of the redeployment of the armed forces stationed on the oil sites.

He further pointed out that the joint NCP, SPLM Executive Committee would resume its work during this week focusing discussion on the Abyei issue. He added that the two partners meetings were adjourned last week due to the absence of one of the Committee members who accompanied the First Vice President to China.



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