NCP, SPLM Resolved to Settle Abyei Issue

July 25 (Sudan Vision Daily)

In an interview with SUNA yesterday at Dubai Airport while returning home from China, First Vice President of the Republic and GoSS President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, said that the implementation of national projects in the South and boosting North-South ties would make unity the favoured option and lead people to forget the negative effects of war.

He added that the Naivasha agreement of 2005 has allowed him a period of six years to work for unity, adding that if the South opts for separation, others should respect that decision.

He further stated that the SPLM, as a partner to the government, is prepared to undertake any role to avert pressure on Sudan, adding that the American sanctions are linked to Darfur problem and that it would be difficult to urge the Americans to lift them in the absence of a settlement for the problem.

The First Vice President revealed that the SPLM has played an effective role in normalizing  relations with neighbouring Chad and Eritrea, explaining that during his visits to Ndjamena and Asmara he had held talks with the Presidents of the two countries which resulted in normalizing relations, affirming that Sudan has now no problems with its neghhbours.

Kiir pointed out that the image of China in the eyes of southerners was affected by China’s role during the war in South Sudan, but that image is no longer holding after signing the CPA.

F.V.P. Kiir affirmed that he has not lost hope of reaching a settlement with the NCP on Abyei, disclosing that the SPLM had agreed to discuss the border and Misseriya issues in response to the NCP efforts in this connection.  

“We (the SPLM and NCP) cooperate on a lot of issues except for some matters which the NCP wanted to renegotiate, such as Abyei, and we have accepted that,” he said.

Kiir stated that the SPLM has not fixed a definite date for its general conference, though the congress is scheduled to convene before the end of the current year, adding that the SPLM will propose its vision on the coming elections after the convention of the general congress which will focus on the issue.

The First Vice President explained that the SPLM cannot alone amend the laws that conflict with the Constitution, underlining that the SPLM has been constantly discussing this topic with the NCP in its capacity as a partner to power.

On the issue of troop redeployment, Kiir said that the SPLM forces have redeployed from eastern Sudan and the southern part of the Blue Nile only, with some machinery in that region and a brigade in Kurmuk area still remaining due to rainfalls , while the SPLM forces in the Nuba Mountains were set to move a week ago.

He underscored that the SPLM is satisfied with this part of the agreement and that withdrawal by both parties should have been finalized by the 9th of last July , though the armed forces still have not completely redeployed  from the Unity State.


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