The President of the Republic and the two Vice-Presidents hold a joint meeting and agree on establishment and formation of commissions

July 25, 2007 (SUNA)

The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Al Bashir and the First Vice President Salva Kiir and the Vice President, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, have agreed in the meeting held on Wednesday on the formation and establishment of a follow up and assessement commission of the implementation of the Blue Nile and South Kordufan states as stipulated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the formation of the National Commission on Civil Service after the law was passed by the National Assembly.

The meeting also got briefed on the progress of the implementation of the Compressive Peace Agreement, the State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic, Telar Ring Deng said. He pointed out in a statement to the Sudan News Agency that the meeting also reviewed the outcome of the recent visit of the President of the Republic to the three states of Darfur as well as the visit of the First Vice President of the Republic Salva Kiir to the People's Republic of China.

The State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic, Idris Mohamed Abdul Gadir who attended the meeting has said that the upcoming meeting of the Presidency of the Republic would review issues related to the military and security arrangements by the joint Military Council and on the achievements and the programmes of the National Council on Population Census and the report of the commission on borders between the North and the South according to the January, 1956 borderlines.


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