UN says SPLA still maintains troops in Sudan’s Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains

July 23, 2007 (Sudan Tribune)

Reacting to the current controversy between the Sudan Armed Force and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, the UN has stated that the SPLA didn’t complete its withdrawal from Bleu Nile and Nuba Mountains.

The Force Commander of the UN Mission in Sudan, Lt. Gen. Jasbir Lidder, said that the SPLA has began withdrawing its forces from the two regions but there are still some troops in those regions, the Radio Miraya reported on Monday.

According to the UN sponsored radio, Gen. Lidder further said that a monitoring team will be sent to those regions to verify the situation on the ground.

The SPLA’s Deputy Chief Commander, and member of the Joint Defense Council (JDC), Major General Bior Ajang Duot, said all SPLA troops have pulled out from Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains. He stated that the UN had verified this withdrawal.

Gen. Bior was responding to a previous statement by the SAF spokesperson accusing the UN of turning a blind eye to the fact that SPLA has only completed of 7.9% of their redeployment per the CPA.

The Sudan Armed Foorce spokesperson stressed that the Sudanese army will not redeploy 3,600 troops from oil rich areas in Upper Nile state until the SPLA does the same.


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