Resident Coordinator's Office

Joint Weekly Report
8-14 July 2007

Southern Kordofan

Situation Analysis
The redeployment of SPLA southward of line 1-1-56 in line with provision of CPA has not yet taken place in SK. The deadline was 9 July. The preparation of the redeployment is reportedly ongoing. The IDPs who fled from Darfur to Kauda – a stronghold of SPLA – might move out of Kauda and float southwards to look for protection if the redeployment of SPLA should actually start. The Kauda team will monitor the situation.

UNMIS Security reported that the general security situation is still tense in Lagawa Locality. Some isolated and unconfirmed reported in Jangaroo area with nomad villager violence had been reported. Therefore, an advisory remains in effect for Lagawa locality and security clearances have not been approved for travel outside of Lagawa town. ASMT this week recommended that Lagawa town should be categorized as threat level II. Meanwhile, Kauda, Julud, Talodi and Dilling areas remained calm. However, the overall level of instability remains high in SK.      

Recovery and Development
A Multi-agency verification team, (UNICEF, WHO, WFP, UNJLC, RCO and HAC/SRRC), travelled to Dilling Locality/County to assess the humanitarian situation following a HAC/SRRC assessment which called for emergency relief. The team found the claims were not reflective of the actual situation, except for Al Sobei AU.

UNMIS RRR confirmed that SK had received 4,700 returnees under the organized scheme.



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