Statement by the New Council of Traditional Leaders

Warning: this translaton was taken down in haste, over the telephone, and the litteral wording has been re-written for the sake of clarity. The author of this version takes no responsability for any errors or missed intentions. The sole purpose of the text is to give the reader a general idea of the contents of this important statement. A more exact translation would certainly be very welcome.

In the name of the SPLA/M

A very important statement by the New Council of Traditional Leaders

We in the Nuba Mountains have struggled for the sake of justice, democracy and equality. When we reached peace, we thougt we had realised out dreams and aspirations. But when the CPA stated that our share in power would only be 45%, and when the Wali was appointed, our fears came true.

It is clear for all to see that the past period of Ismael Kamis Jelab was the worst that ever happened to South Kordofan. Yet today we heard through the media that he has been appointed Deputy Governor of South Kordofan for the coming period.

His appointment came about without consulation of the people or the institutions. And we, the people in the Council of Traditional Leaders, reject this appointment, and we support the people in the South Kordofan Parliament in their rejection of the followed procedure. We know who is behind this.

The flame of the New Sudan will continue to burn and all people will guard it. Long live SPLA/M


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