Statement by the SPLA/M leadership in the Nuba Mountains

Warning: this translation was taken down in haste, over the telephone, and might contain errors. This is the original document in Arabic.

In the name of the SPLA/M

To all the supporters of the SPLA/M in South Kordofan and all over the world, and to all the political forces striving for a New Sudan

When we want to talk about the present political situation in the Nuba Mountains and about the realities of the SPLA today, we have to look at the historical background. The armed struggle came about when the political forces failed to pass the demands of the people for equality and freedom to those who were governing.

The people of the Nuba Mountains put their expectations in the SPLA to fulfill their promises and build a New Sudan where freedom, democracy and justice prevail. As the policy of the New Sudan aimed for transparancy and development, the Nuba people were happy to join the SPLA, and they were happy when the SPLM joined the Government of National Unity after the signing of the CPA.

Therefore the shock was great when the implementation of the CPA protocols was being frustrated right from the beginning. The weakness of the SPLM executive was also shocking: it waisted time on minor activites without addressing the major problems, and was completely alienated from what the people really want.

Zero was the result of the first period, or less than zero, for there were many negative developments:

1. The Government of Sudan was allowed to re-introduce to the lifes of the people all the institutions and policies of the Old Sudan that had disappeared with the coming of the SPLA. This was due to the weakness of the SPLM Governor of South Kordofan and those surrounding him. They have been caught up in the programs of the Old Sudan.

2. They built a very weak organisational structure for the SPLM, based on the rule and opinions of only one man. This made people abandon any initiatives and avoid collaboration with SPLM institutions and organisations. It is was a direct result of the weakness of the SPLM organisation and the lack of political and revolutionary awareness within them.

3. The focus on unnecessary struggles depressed the people who wanted to address the major problems, especially those calling for a referendum and for the realisation of the New Sudan. Take for example the problems at the passing of the State Contitution that lead to the firing of two SPLM Members of the Souther Kordofan Parliament.

4. Financial corruption has touched all the executive and legaslitive institutions. There has been no financial control. See the State share of oil revenues and the appearance of several doubtful contracts.

5. The breakdown of security throughout South Kordofan State.

6. In the South the SPLM is completely absorbed in its own problems, ignoring the other areas and the Nuba Mountains in particular. Many people were unhappy with the developments during the first period. In spite of the many changes they put all their hopes on the second period, taking into consideration the unity of all the people within the SPLM. However, all their meetings with the Leader of the SPLM (Salva Kiir) and the Secretary (Pagan Amun), and the dozens of letters addressed to them, effected nothing. Nobody is taking any care.

These things could happen only in the absence of Abdel Aziz Adam al Hilu with his strong, charismatic character and his devotion to the Nuba and their struggle. They could happen because of the negative attitude of the Leaders of the SPLA/M who have not reacted adequately when Abdel Aziz was absent.

All this has created a vacuum in the hearts and the minds of the people. They were stunned by the appointment of Ismael Khamis Jelab as the Deputy Governor for the second period: he was responsible for the failure of the political activities of the SPLM and the weakness of its organisation.

So you people of the SPLM in South Kordofan and you who are looking forward to see the New Sudan come to reality, with this statement we break the wall of silence that surrounded the negative developments in the SPLM in South Kordofan.

We condemn the course of 'real politik' and suppression of the will of the people. The situation is created by people with a long reach, who stirr up dispute and disagreement in an attempt to break the unity of the people and make them dispute within one organisation.

For the sake of the unity of the SPLA/M and the political stability of the area, we categorically disagree with the appointment of Ismael Khamis as Deputy Governor of South Kordofan.

We stand under the name of the SPLA/M in the Nuba Mountains, as the leaders who convened in Kauda on the 30th of March 2007 and during our last meeting on the 30th of June 2007.

We reject the appointment of Ismael Khamis Jelab and we call upon all to exercise your rights and call for a change of appointment, and to make your strong voices heard by those who make decesions.

Kadugli, July 2007


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