Resident Coordinator's Office

Joint Weekly Report
17-23 June 2007

Southern Kordofan

The Joint Military Team (JMT) from TS Julud was informed by the local Commissioner and Chief of Police that nomads in the area around Al Sonut, Lagawa and Wali  are well armed, and well organised.  NGOs have been warned to avoid the villages of Tabak, Chuwaya, Al Sonut, Abu Janook and Selghi.

Recovery and Development
The Monthly Coordination Meeting (MCM) will take place on 1-3 July. For this meeting Rural Development will be considered as a cross cutting theme. Khartoum based missions are encouraged to time their visits to cross over with MCM.

Assessments of returnees to Dilling Locality show complaints about the schools and clinics occupied by the military in Salara. The assessment also shows that most of the spontaneous returnees in the area have not received food.

According to the Commissioner of Rashad County 14,527 spontaneous returnees have arrived in Rashad County since January 2007. In a separate report UNMIS RRR noted that according to the figures provided by the local authorities the current number of local residents and returnees registered by the local authorities is 364,393 individuals.

The SRRC/HAC led assessment of vulnerable communities in the Dilling area- assisted by SC-US, IAS, FAR, DCA, CARE and Raya- concluded that three IDP camps have emerged following tribal fighting. Their situation is as follows:

  1. Dellic area (464 people) in need of food, shelter and water
  2. Feanner area (1130 people) in need of food , shelter and water
  3. El farshaia area (154 people) in need of food, shelter and water


The report also noted that the following villages were vulnerable:

  1. El Sobei (4,249 people) in need of food and water
  2. Karkoo (700 people) in need of food and water
  3. Kojoreia (4750 people) in need of food and water plus health and education
  4. Fonda (5500 people) in need of food and water plus health and education
  5. Koli (3500 people) in need of food and a water yard

Key forthcoming Events/Meetings/Missions

  1. 24 June: UNST      
  2. 24 June: ASMT     
  3. 25-26 June: USAID visit
  4. 1-3 July: Monthly Coordination Meeting
  5. 2 July: NGO security meeting


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