Shahama of Kordofan Unites with JEM

18 June, 2007 (JEM)

Shahama of Kordofan Unites with JEM:
Statement No 1. 

In a historic move, Shahama Movement of Kordofan unites with JEM under one banner: JEM. 

Shahama declares with joy, dignity and pride to all the marginalized in Sudan general and Kordofan in particular that it has taken the move to completely integrate its forces into JEM.   This courageous move is a result of continuous discussion over the past six months and is based on our conviction that the cause of the marginalized people in Sudan is indivisible; that only through unity can the marginalized defeat the junta of Khartoum and secure their legitimate rights. 

In accordance with the amalgamation, Mohamed Bahr Ali Hamadain, the Ex-President of Shahama has been appointed as JEM Secretary for Kordofan Sector.   Following JEM Constitution, Ali Hamadain also assumes a position of Deputy President, JEM. 

In addition, Ammar Adam Mohamed, previously of Shahama, is now appointed and with immediate effect as Chief Commander of Kordofan JEM forces.     

Long live our unity and together on the road to victory.  

Mohamed Bahr Ali Hamadain
Secretary for Kordofan Sector, JEM
The liberated Territory


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