Resident Coordinator's Office

Joint Weekly Report
10-16 June 2007

Southern Kordofan

During the previous reporting period there were confirmed reports of tribal fighting in the area of Angarko village/Hajar Al Jawad area, 20 km south of Dilling following road blocks at Kurgol after fighting in Dabri. The dispute was resolved through the efforts of the security committee constituted by the Commissioner of Dilling.  The Nailla tribe has agreed to leave the area of contention and move closer to Kadugli.

Tension between SAF and local villagers in Abri remains high.

Recovery and Development
The Monthly Coordination Meeting (MCM) report has been distributed to the Governor, the DGs, UN agencies, NGOs and selected donors.

IOM, RCO, RRR and WFP’s implementing partner, Care, met to discuss the return process. The group agreed that although lessons learned have helped improve the organized returns process issues remain regarding spontaneous returns. This category of returns, for example, has not received food or seeds and tools in 9 out of 10 villages recently visited by RRR. Returnees had to cut and sell wood to meet their immediate food needs and failed to cultivate land. This phenomenon was particularly acute in Salara, considered a Food Secure Area. RRR also noted that the categorization of areas as Food Secure/Insecure had been manipulated.

Key forthcoming Events/Meetings/Missions


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