Resident Coordinator's Office

Joint Weekly Report
27 May - 2 June 2007

Southern Kordofan

• Movement along the main road between Dilling and Kadugli was blocked on a number of occasions during the reporting period. According to the UNMIS/Department of Safety and Security, the blockages were due to tribal tensions around Kurgol Village and increased SPLA and GoS forces in the area.
• On 29 May an UNMO patrol went to Abri village to monitor the tension between the Abri villagers and the resident SAF. The villagers burned down a SAF building in the presence of the patrol and tension grew between the SAF and the villagers.  The patrol assisted in calming the situation but the situation remains tense.
• In the village of El Sonut on 27 May a GoS police base was attacked by an unidentified group of heavily armed personnel leading to the death of one policeman and the possible kidnapping of two others. The authorities subsequently placed Lagawa locality under a curfew (2000-0600hrs).
• On 27 May a Joint Military Team from Team Site Julud went to Al Bataya Village to follow up on reports of fighting between nomads and local villagers. In Tima the local commissioner informed a WFP team that they should leave immediately because of the deteriorating situation in the surrounding villages. WFP, WHO and RCO/World Bank teams abandoned their missions on 27 May in the area following the advice of DSS.
• UNMIS Sector IV verified the a fatal incident in Angarto and Karka, where at least nine people were killed; UNMIS is in the process of confirming which armed groups were responsible.
•  Following discussions within DSS, security clearances for movement into the Babanusa and Al Fula areas will no longer be signed until more information is available on the security situation there.

• The Monthly Coordination Meeting (MCM) took place from 27-29 May. The MCM framework is proving to be increasingly robust and reliable; buy-in from the Director Generals, NGO partners and the UN State Team remains strong. The support for the MCM by the UN State Team is recognised as an important factor in the establishment and development of the MCM. As the MCM consolidates its work it is expected that in time the World Bank and bi-lateral donors will take advantage of the opportunity to interact with the forum.
• A recurrent theme that emerged during the interagency meeting was the desire to map data as demonstrated in the previous MCM by the UNDP team working on the risk mapping pilot project in SK. Two national staff will be recruited in the coming weeks by the RCO to offer additional direct technical and administrative support to the MCM. On the recommendation of the UN State Team, additional short-term technical support from UNDP will also be requested to assist in sector-level mapping. Consolidated and standardized MCM minutes are currently being gathered and bound by the RCO for presentation to the Governor. 

Key Forthcoming Meetings/Missions
ICRD meeting:  2 June
M & E visit: 3 June
MIC visit: Early June
UNST: 10 June
ASMT: 10 June
NGO security meeting  : 11 June
CIDA visit: 14 – 22 June
NGO security meeting no longer to follow UNST and ASMT.


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