Alleged reshuffles in SPLM: Mansour Khalid replaces Lam Akol as FM

May 23, 07 (NSV)

The Arabic Daily, Al-Sudani has reported today that a reliable source within the Sudan People's Liberation Movement disclosed that an imminent reshuffle will take place in the Movement before the joint SPLM and National Congress Party meet in two days to discuss the state of the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

According to Al-Sudani, the following positions will be affected by the reshuffle:

1. Dr. Mansour Khalid, Adviser to President of Sudan will replace Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin as Foreign Minister

2. Malik Agar, Minister of Investment will be appointed governor of Blue Nile State

3. Aleu Ayeny Aleu, State Minister of Interior will cease to be one

4. Daniel Kodi, Minister of Animal Resources will cease to be one

At this point, Al-Sudani's source has not disclosed who is going to occupy Malik Agar and Mansour Khalid's previous positions. As well, it's unclear what portfolios Dr. Lam Akol, Daniel Kodi and Aleu Ayeny will hold in the said reshuffle.


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