Resident Coordinator's Office

Joint Weekly Report
13-19 May 2007

Southern Kordofan

Situation Analysis
• The anticipated constraints to operations posed by the imminent rainy season have prompted accelerated efforts to meet objectives in many sectors. Furthermore, efforts to ensure that eastern and north-western areas of the State are integrated into planning processes continue. 
• The ASMT requested that UNDSS review the classification of roads in the state to reduce the number of areas requiring access by convoy.

Recovery and Development
• The World Bank-supported Community Empowerment Program (CEP) implemented in Dilling and Lagawa Counties/Localities is undergoing a final evaluation.  Initial outcomes suggest positive outcomes including “horizontal development”; that is, other villages have witnessed the positive effect of the CEP and have set up their own committees to start similar processes and source their own funds.

• UNICEF conducted a community visit in the northwest of Southern Kordofan where programs had been scaled down due including Al Fula where their field office was closed. It was noted that the state planning process had not included representatives from these localities in the northwest. It was agreed that representatives will be integrated into the development process for the 2008 Workplan so their needs and priorities are reflected. 
• First Cholera Task Force Meeting was held on 1 May. Initial recommendations include the immediate start-up of standardized environmental and hygiene sessions, identification of an isolation area for treating patients and prepositioning of medicines and materials in Abyei, Kadugli and Kauda.  
• RRR undertook an assessment on 15 – 16 May in Habila and Salara, which are the main IDP return destinations in Southern Kordofan for the months of May and June to examine road accessibility and community preparedness. Further work is required to find means to transport returnees to their final destination. 
• Overseas Development Institute (ODI) presented findings of a reintegration assessment on 14 May to 20 villages in Dilling and Lagawa Localities and Counties, assessing returnees’ reintegration into their host communities. Land was highlighted as a particular issue that would not be resolved until the State Land Commission was established so that demarcated lands could be registered. ODI noted that there was inadequate coordination among state actors and greater efforts were required to ensure strategic coordination.  The final report will be available in June.

Key forthcoming Events/Meetings/Missions
• Monthly Coordination Meeting: 27-19 May
• UNST/ASMT/NGO Security: 27 May 2007


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