Resident Coordinator's Office

Joint Weekly Report
6-12 May 2007

Southern Kordofan

Recovery and Development
The Ministry of Investment and Economy (MoIE) presented the Integrated Community Based Recovery and Development Project (ICRD), initiated by UNICEF, and called for a joint intervention of State Government and UN Agencies. ICRD aims at the improvement of the basic social and economic needs of 110,000 people in the 45 most vulnerable communities in SK. The participants agreed to 15 pilot project sites pre-selected from villages in Kadugli and Lagawa localities/counties.

Twenty Quick Impact Projects (QUIP) in SK have been approved for 2006/2007 funding. All projects should be completed by July 2007. The budget for approved projects for 2007/2008 funding will be released in July 2007. Four QUIPs are still on-going under the 2005/2006 budget.

The second meeting of Emergency Response & Preparedness Task Force against acute water-borne diseases was convened this week by the Ministry of Health (MoH), in partnership with WHO. Case identification and management training of a health cadre will begin immediately in high risk areas and the water yard will be chlorinated.

UNMIS RRR and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) begun field visits to nearly 20 villages this week in order to study reintegration of returnees into their host communities in Kadugli, Dilling, and Lagawa localities/counties. The reintegration study includes interviews with hosting communities, local authorities, and returnees. The results will be presented at the next working group meeting, scheduled for 14 May. Meanwhile, the convoys of returnees are continuously seen in Kadugli way station despite the start of the rainy season in SK. So far, organized returns total nearly 4,000 since February.

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