Parliamentarians warn the situation in South Kordofan is near explosion; Parliament calls
for proper implementation of the CPA

Media Monitoring Report, 5May 2007
(AlAyaam; Rai AlShaab)

Yesterday’s session of the National Assembly saw parliamentarians lash
out at the Minister of Justice whom they blame for the delay in delaying enactment of legislature
compliant to the CPA.

The lawmakers also called for a proper implementation of the CPA citing concerns over
shortfalls such as the issue of the OAGs, the formation of the JIUs in Abyei and South Kordofan,
the conflict in Abyei and the ongoing developments in South Kordofan which they describe as a
threat to the implementation of the CPA resulting from non-implementation of the Protocol on
Security Arrangements. They called for more will and trust between the parties.

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