Sudan Orthodox Church Accuses SPLM of Detention, Mistreatment of Bishops

March 19, 2007 (SMC)

Sudanese Orthodox Church in South Kordofan State announced that SPLM in the State has detained a number of its bishops. It said this was done by Brigade No. 25 located at Korji area under the command of Colonel Dawood Ashia.

In a memorandum addressed to First Vice President Lt. General Salva Kiir by the leadership of Church with a copy to international monitor forces, the Church explained that the bishops were detained, mistreated and tortured at Korji prison.

The church urges the SPLM to stop the illegal detention against Christians in Nuba Mountains. In the statement issued by northern headquarters of the Church, relatives were prevented from visit detainees.
The following are names of detainees:

(1) Stephan Al ful.
(2) Unan Al Jibna.
(3) Stephanos Hassan.
(4) Mujos Kamandor.
(5) Amanwil Kori.
(6) Elia Al Nadir.
(7) Adam Kua.
(8) Abdallah Mohamed Jabo.
(9) Awas Abdel Rahim.


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