Students General Union Tackles University Students’ Violence

23 February 2007

The Sudanese Students General Union has formed a Political Ccommittee composed of all the political parties to tackle the violence phenomenon that spread over the Sudanese universities.

In the meantime, the Union conducted lectures, forums and workshops on the issue. The Union State"s Secretary Mohamed Tahir said yesterday in a press conference that the violence has hindered the university regulations and called on all the political forces to enter into code of honor to counter that phenomenon and to alternatively adopt dialogue.

He criticized some political powers saying that they use the students as fuel in resolving their divergences.
The Information Secretary stated that the absence of cultural programs in the universities has led to spread of violence.

Commenting on South Kordfan State, he said the riots resulted to some damages. The Students Union General Secretary said that the riot in Kordofan State initially started as student demonstrations but later was abused by political parties for their private agenda.


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