IDPs from Southern Kordofan Excited to Return Home

19 February 2007 (Sudan Radio Service)

Internally displaced persons who left Khartoum for Southern Khordofan last week said they were excited to return home.

Our own Nichola Mandil talked to some of the IDP’s being repatriated.

[IDP 1]: "Now I am 55 years old, the war of course displaced people and we came to the city , now there is stability that is why we want to go back to develop our home land. Northern Sudan is part of our Sudan, but total freedom here we did not find, we have just found freedom. We must go back so that we develop our Nuba Mountains.”

[IDP 2]: “My feeling is that I feel secured to be there in my village that is why I have chosen to go back home and see the stability at home and see what God will give me there, just as I have been depending on myself here, there too I will depend on my self. This return is voluntarily and I would like to send a message to those who have not registered that if they would love to come to see their home land and see what happened there and see what is new there I hope that they will listen to this and accept it.”

Those are comments from just two of hundreds of IDP’s being repatriated to Southern Kordofan from Khartoum.


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