Sudanese first VP to inspect humanitarian situation in Darfur

Jan 25, 2007

The First Vice President will soon visit the war-torn Darfur region to inspect the humanitarian situation in the region, a Sudan People’s Liberation Movement official announced here.

The first vice-president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, will, for the first time since taking office, be visiting Darfur within the next few days. The aim of Kiir’s imminent visit to Darfur was to become acquainted with the humanitarian situation in the region, said Yasir Arman.

The member of the SPLM politburo, Yasir Araman, who is the responsible of the Darfur file in the movement, described this visit as normal for the leader of the junior partner in the government of the national unity. He further underlined the relations of the SPLM with Darfur political forces and rebel groups.

Arman further reiterated the SPLM’s call for an immediate ceasefire pointing out that the SPLM and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement partners and the regional and international communities were exerting efforts to resolve the problem in the region.

The SPLM further announced it was in contact with Arab tribes in the region to boost reconciliation efforts between the region’s tribes.

The SPLM reaffirmed that the first meeting of its leadership in northern states and the northern sector would be held on 2 February.


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