Vice - President Directs Officials to Pay Salaries of Employers in South Kordofan State

21 December 2006

The Vice - President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, has directed the officials to pay salaries for the employers in South Kordofan State in time, particularly to the teachers. He said that arrangements are being carried out to handle this issue with the state's government and the outcome will appear in the next week.

The Vice - President, who was addressing a meeting Tuesday at the Legislative Council of South Kordofan State said that the education curriculums shall be united all over the state, so that foreign curriculums should not exist in the state.

Taha pointed out the challenges facing peace, such as tribalism, which is the most risky threat to unity, calling for adherence to solidarity in the practicing of political work, as well as expansion of the peace culture.

He affirmed continuity of the work of the Nuba Mountain Agricultural Cooperation in the state, pointing that the government will provide it with support to fulfill its tasks. The Vice - President directed the Ministry of Industry to carry out rehabilitation of Kadogli Textile Factory. He referred to the importance of setting up comprehensive plans for the Agricultural Green Campaign in the state.

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