South Kordofan Sate Government's Advisor Affirms His Government Concern with Herdsmen and Farmers' Sector

Oct 18, 2006 (SUNA)

The Advisor of the South Kordofan State's government, Simon Kalo, has affirmed his government concern with the herdsmen and farmers' sector. This came while the advisor was addressing the conference of understanding between the herdsmen and farmers which was held in Lgawa town, under the motto ' peace and co-existence'.

He stressed the importance of like such conferences to boost the peace and social integration between the various sectors. The advisor called for discussing all the issues and problems toward guaranteeing stability and development among these sectors, stressing the importance of the native administration role for the settlement of disputes.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Lagawa Locality, Mekki Kafi Mekki, called on the farmers to overcome the differences of the past and to work for rebuilding the social fabric and peaceful coexistence. HH/MO


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