South Kordofan State's NC Leaders Affirm Resolution 1706 Aimed to Split Sudan and Loot Resources

Oct 10 2006 (SUNA)

The National Congress and the Legislative Assembly leaderships in South Kordofan State have affirmed their rejection of the Security Council resolution 1706. They described the resolution as intended to split Sudan unity and loot its resources.

This came while the a delegation of the state's National Congress, headed by the Minister of Health Ahmed Mohamed, Tajir, accompanied by a number of the National Congress and the Legislative Assembly in South Kordofan State visited Rashad and Abu-Jebaiha Localities, in the framework of mobilization campaign against attempts of international intervention in Darfur.

The campaign is aimed to inform the citizens about the enemies' plots to harm the country's unity, and to emphasize the importance of the unity of the national rank to face all threats and challenges.


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