Details about the killing of 12 people in the Nuba Mountains

By Nanne op 't Ende
October 9, 2006

I asked Mr. Lazim from NRRDO to give some more details following the October 6 press release on the killiing of 12 Nuba people in an ambush in the Sobay and Mandal area.

According to Mr. Lazim, the sections of the Myssiria who are responsible for the attack are the Nourma and the Anayat. Mr. Lazim was also able to give the names of the people killed; they are:

1. Merkez Saeed - Mandal Gugba
2. Eltahir Warsha - Mandal Wulal
3. Abdul Rahman Manj - Mandal Gugba
4. Sabir Shawish - Mandal Gugba
5. Hassan Gardoud - Mondal Wulal
6. Shatta Manya (Mohamed) - Mandal Sobai
7. Barsham Abdul Rahman - Kasha
8. Hassan Aldoud - Kasha
9. Mohammed Hagar - Kasha
10. Shatta Elhow - Kasha
11. Abasher Khateem - Kasha
12. Azrag Shaib - Kasha

In answer to the question what evidence there is to suggest NCP involvement in the attack, Mr LAzim said there are eye witnesses to verify this claim.

So far no specific action has been undertaken, accept for a meeting of the traditional leaders to discuss the situation.

In a brief update by telephone Mr. Muluk Ruya confirmed that the area has remained calm. According to Mr. Ruya, this can be attributed to mass police presence.


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