No further violence in Sobay and Mandal after killing of 12 Nuba by Misserya

By Nanne op 't Ende
October 6, 2006

The ambush on a Nuba delegation that took place in the Sobay and Mandal area (North-West of Dilling) has so far not led to retaliation and further loss of life. This according to Muluk Ruya, who was in touch with authorities in Dilling.

According to Ruya, the ambush took place after the ramadan prayers. 12 Nuba people were killed and nine others were wounded. The injured people were taken to Dilling Hospital.

Police dispatched from Dilling was able to keep the situation from escalating, there have bene no further incidents untill the morning and throughout the day.

Governor Ismael Khamis Jelab, who has just yesterday returned from Juba, has asked the Integrated Forces to investigate the matter.


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