12 Nuba people killed in an ambush by the Misseriya

October 6th, 2006

Incident Report and appeal for action from Lazim Suleiman, NRRDO Executive Director

The Kasha Nuba and Misseriya traditional authorities met on October 5th to address problems with Misseriya cattle grazing on the Nuba farms. After the meeting, six of the Kasha and Mandal Nuba participants including the senior Sheikh (community chief) of the Kasha tribe were killed by the Misseriya on their way back to their village. Another group of Nuba from Mandal were also attacked after they came in response to the first shooting. 

Currently the situation is tense and because the Senior Sheikh was killed, local retaliation is likely if not successfully managed. In addition, a large number of people (figure unknown but estimated over 1,000) are displaced and some farms were destroyed.

This incident is the last in a series of attacks against Nuba communities by a few groups of Misseriya, Hawzma and Maalia*. These attacks are taking place against Nuba communities who are living in the former GoS controlled areas and have aligned themselves with the SPLM.

Other similar incidents (2005-2006):

  1. Mandal hills (Sobai, Wulal, Adlan,Badai,Gugba) in Dilling
  2. Wernie (Talodi)
  3. Longon (Rashad)
  4. Kau (Abujebeha)
  5. Kawlib (Rashad)
  6. Gulfan (Dilling)
  7. Fama (Kadugli)

Evidence suggests that these incidents are not local tribal conflicts but organized by the NCP. We expect a rise in these attacks on Nuba as we now enter the dry-season. Without joint police and military and without interim government, the situation is difficult to manage.

Recommended response:

  1. UNMIS must investigate the incidence and check out the possible involvement of NCP in organizing and arming the Misseriya groups. They must have access across the state and into Northern Kordofan. They should not treat the problems as local as they are provocative political incidents that violate the CPA and peaceful co-existence.
  2. A rapid assessment of the needs of the IDPs (over 1,000) should be undertaken by UN and international NGOs. IDP kits, including blankets and shelter are urgently needed.
  3. Traditional leaders and local authorities need assistance in peace building activities (building on NRRDO support Traditional Leaders Conference, July 2006).  
* All Misseriya and nomadic groups are not blamed for these incidents as many maintain good relations with the different Nuba  tribes.


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