Interview with Faizal Adam Abdelwahi

By Nanne op 't Ende
March 26, 2006

Faizal Adam is a medic. He gives a brief account of his life.

Faizal Adam Abdelwahi

My name is Faizal Adam Abdelwahi, I am born in Kalkada.. I remember seeing you at the Advisory Council in Gadeil in 1997. The people were sitting under the tree, listening to what the leaders had to say. I was there as part of the security.

I'm a medic in the Sudan People's Liberation Army. During the war I was giving first aid to the soldiers in battle. There usually were a lot of casualties and we had too little medical supplies. Sometimes salt water was all we had to treat the wounds. Still we didn't lose many people because of the lack of supplies - only those who were very badly injured, died. We saved a lot of people… a lot of them.

Since the signing of the cease fire I continued at first aid in the military hospital, but there is little to do; just treating soldiers who are ill.

The peace changed a lot of things. There is some water, there is plenty of salt - we didn't have it at the time. There are a lot of organizations that help us in the medical field. The roads are better and it is safe to travel. The development is gong well. We can sit together and talk peacefully.

We still get some wounded people from clashes between Bagara and Nuba. Two weeks ago the Bagara attacked two people; took their guns and injured them. And two or three days ago some people who had bought a cow were attacked when they came from Erio to Kalkada. They were stopped in the road, their cow was stolen and they were injured too.

If I would get the chance I would like to go back to school. I went to school from 1979 to 1984, but the war came and I stopped. In 1987 I went with the SLPA. After military training I was sent to medical training. This was also in Bonga, in Ethiopia. I followed more courses but I'm still not qualified to work in a normal hospital. I first need to learn English. If I can join an adult education program I will do it.

Interviewed in Kauda on March 26, 2006

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