Absence of constitution in Nuba mountains affecst affairs of the state

July 12, 2006 (SRS/ST)

A senior member of the Nuba community has blamed the lack of services in southern Kordofan State on the absence of a state constitution.

Speaking at a meeting of Nuba traditional leaders in Kadugli last week, Nuba Relief Rehabilitation Development Organization Executive Director Lazim Suleiman said the delay in passing the Southern Kordofan’s state constitution will affect the affairs of the state.

He told Sudan Radio Service that the state’s constitution will provide the basis for the state government to provide services to its people.

"In this partnership we want the people to have a clear basis to provide services to the people who lived the war for not less than 21 years. So any negative impact will appear on the traditional leaders because they are basic of any development and peace. Therefore if the peace, a real peace could be created it will be by the traditional leaders", Lazim Suleiman.

Suleiman also urged traditional leaders to know their role in bringing lasting peace to Sudan, saying it would be traditional leaders who could make the greatest impact.