Antwerp declaration: Kordofan Alliance for Development KAD

Antwerp declaration

Kordofan Alliance for Development KAD

Under the slogan of, comprehensive peace and social justice held the first institutional conference of the Kordofan Alliance for Development KAD from 29th-30th May 2006 in Antwerp/ Belgium. Representatives of kordofanese from different EU countries and other part of world have attended the conference which debated and discussed issues and matters concerning the political future of kordofan region under the current political and economic developments in The Sudan.

At the beginning of the conference, participants have saluted and reiterated their support to the justifiable struggle of all marginalized groups in Sudan for their legitimate rights for democracy, freedom and redemption form all kind of historical grievances and injustice that have been caused by the long ruling Khartoum , the political center of Sudan which has based its policies on ill-motivated strategies of political-economic exclusion and cultural marginalization that has led to the total demolition of the basic socio-economic infrastructures of the Sudan in general and Kordofan region in particular despite the fact that Kordofan is the richest region of Sudanese , on the same regards , the participants have emphasized the importance of the local reconciliation among various Kordofanese groups to bring about lasting communal peace and development in the region.
The conference has consensually endorsed the constitution, elected the executive committee and declared the launching and inauguration of the Kordofan Alliance for Development KAD.
The participants of the conference have approved the recommendations and resolutions of the conference and have strongly reaffirmed the undisputable unity and integrity of Kordofan as one region and its integral part of the Sudanese unity that based on equality, justice, voluntary acceptance and respect of the ethnic, religious and cultural diversities

The participants have also agreed on the importance of the moral support and solidarity with all liberation and freedom movements in Sudan and avowed the necessity for coordination and consultation among all of them on the national issues.

The participants have threateningly condemned all the atrocities and violations committed by the Sudanese government against the innocent Sudanese civilian in different places of the country including the latest noxious attack by the Sudanese army on the peacefully demonstrating villagers of Amri in North Sudan and they have demanded the immediate, unconditional release of all political prisoners from Shahama Movement One, Shahama Movement Two and Kifah Movement and they have renounced the government negative attitude and its inhumane treatment of the internally displaced persons IDPs from Kordofan and other marginalized areas and they for the alleviation of the appalling conditions of the displaced civilian from Darfur region.
They have also expressed concern about the unfaithful intention and the manipulations of the Sudanese government in the Darfur peace talk in Abuja/ Nigeria and they demanded just and fair resolutions and settlement for the Darfur conflict that will guarantee the legitimate rights of the Darfurian people.
Kordofan Alliance for Development KAD appeals to all Kordofanese clusters, traditional leaders, students, soldiers, women and all Kordofanese associations inside and abroad to support the Alliance and to adopt its objectives and visions which aim to develop the region and to lift the historical suffer and distress of the Kordofanese people particularly the women groups that have suffered the most.
KAD calls upon all kordofanese to constructively engage in the Kordofanese-Kordofanese dialogue which is projected to support the peace building and to restore the historical spirit of peaceful coexistence and living among all Kordofanese groups and to resist the immoral policies of the Sudanese central authorities which aim to create rift and division among the Kordofanese as it happened in the cases of Abyai and the Nuba Mountains.

We the participants of the conference, have consensually decided to shoulder our historical responsibilities for the redemption of our country and we appeal to all patriotic Sudanese to stand beside our objectives, we particularly call upon all the courageous kordofanese inside the country and abroad to start organizing themselves and form KAD branches at their respective constituencies to finalize the set up of the Kordofan Alliance for Development KAD.

Long live, the struggle of our compatriots for freedom and dignified life.

Kordofan Alliance for Development KAD


April 30th 2006



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