Armed camel riders attack village in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

April 15, 2006 (KHARTOUM) — Commissioner in Tolodi said the village of Warni in the Nuba Mountains in central Sudan was attacked by armed camel riders last Thursday 13 April.

The commissioner told the Khartoum Monitor that the camel riders were made up of 30 men armed with Kalashnikov rifles and GM3 machine guns, adding that the citizens clashed with and resisted the attackers, and a s a result one person was killed and another wounded.

He added that the attackers had fled to Warni surrounding mountains and they were still around the area.

"The attackers wanted to cut off water from Warni area", he said, adding that a police force would head for the area from Khartoum shortly.

The commissioner also explained that his country had started implementing the security plan, which was recently announced by the government of South Kordofan State.

It is worth noting that the area of Warni had witnessed a similar attack last March, where two of its citizens were killed.

(Khartoum Monitor/ST)