The Nuba Used and Dumped Comment on Talib H. Tia comment

By Mohamed Kuku
Kadugli, South Kordofan

The Nuba Used and Dumped is a piece written to vent what we feel as Nuba. Since it is not for academic rewards it has to follow that pattern it did to awaken those who were hypnotized by an empty victory. The write up might have stated the naked bitter truth of the Nuba used and dumped.

Mr. Talib H. Tia could not refute the reasons advanced as the immediate cause for late Yusif Kuwa to join the rebellion. Kuwa”s bitterness over his impeachment as a speaker of the Regional Peoples House of Assembly was echoed in an interview he gave to Alray Alaam. Mr. Talib may please refer to that in the archives of the Paper or SPLA/M records if they have such things. You may refer to the book (The Northerners in SPLA/M by Dia Eldeen Elballal of Ray alaam – elshamaliyoon fi alharaka alshabiyya)

Mr. Talib admitted the incident that was a direct cause for Abdel Aziz Elhillou joining the SPLA/M. Personal vendetta was the main cause driving both men. These are not stories for kids. They are facts.

We as Nuba must reflect on what befell us and learn our lessons. Naivasha was not ideal to meet all Nuba aspirations as Majok Nikodermo Arou admitted. The fact of the Nuba Used and Dumped will remain for us to learn and not repeat.

The issue to be addressed is what made some of us join the SPLA/M. This might not be the right time to raise the question. But let us all think about that. I might be wrong saying Kuwa was myopic but another word must be there to describe him. If he is a hero for some, he is equally a villain for the others. He is no more a private person as what he led had consequences on the whole Sudan. He might have been an honest man but pious good sermons alone are not enough to get a person acquitted from an accusation. Deeds and actions are what people are judged for. May his soul rest in peace.

Mr. Talib H. Tia wondered on the conclusion I arrived at and asked what assumptions analysis and scientific deductions used to reach that conclusion. Unfortunately he could not set an example for me to follow. His rebuttals of my points were very weak. The two reasons I gave as Kuwa and Elhilou direct causes to join the SPLA/M are facts he did not deny but rather played them low. There are other motives that propelled the two men but I did not delve into them. Personal vendetta remains the direct cause for their rebellion.

The fact Garang could not win a single battle without the Nuba fighters, is there for you to disprove. Mr. Talib knows that the assumed popularity of the Nuba who remained in Garang”s camp could not be a reason for selecting anyone among them to lead in the New Sudan. The New Sudan is actually one without Nuba. Mr. Talib can you disprove this fact. Name five Nuba commanders who are ministers in the South ( New Sudan). What do you call this situation where we fought for 20 years for the south to excise Abiyei from us. Is this not “Nuba used and dumped” by any other name?

The Nuba in librated areas are masters of themselves wrote Talib H. Tia. This is the biggest lie to be told. In the first instance you know better than any body that the Nuba were indeed masters of themselves before SPLA. They were not slaves to any body. But SPLA took some Nuba children and gave them Dinka tribal marks to obscure their identity. This issue is not talked about but Mr. Talib knows it.

Mr. Talib wrote the Nuba were running their schools in the librated areas. Tell me how many schools were running in the librated areas? I know two incomplete primary schools only. Can you dare compare the number of schools in your librated area to the number of schools in the Nuba Mountains before the war. Statistics and facts tell us that 115 schools closed during the war in Kadugli area alone. How many schools were opened in the librated areas?. Talib YOU MUST APPOLOGIZE to Nuba people for peddling this falsehood. You are trying to play with our intelligence.

The Nuba who remained in the Government side can boast of Eldilling University as an institution that will help transform the SOUTH Kordofan Nuba and non-Nuba alike. Where are your secondary schools of the librated area? I am not asking about school of Nursing, Technical secondary schools, or Teachers Colleges. These are luxury for you. How many secondary schools were closed by your liberation war? Mr. Talib you are fighting a hopeless battle.

Talib wrote the Nuba in the librated areas were having their own educational and other social facilities systems. We have not seen that up till now. Or are they hidden some where in the caves and will be brought out one day when all the Nuba are annihilated? “Do not panic but wait and you will see“goes on Mr. Talib. I would ask whether you know the war retarded our progress and we can not make for the loss in 50 years to come.

The facilities Mr. Talib wrote about can not be named. When movement into the so called librated areas was allowed it was discovered that these areas have no children below the age of five years. Mr. Talib imagined health care and other services where non existent. The money donated by the NGOs to render such services was actually used by the likes of Talib to stay in the USA hotels and brows the internet.

The economic base of the Nuba subsistent farmers was totally destroyed. The so called librated areas revert back to trade by barter with “sunbuk Arab traders” but the little livestock that remained in those areas were either confiscated by SPLA or taken by the Dinka cattle rustlers. Thus our people lives were shattered. Poverty, disease and ignorance found fertile land among us. This is what the war brought us.

Mr. Talib said the Nuba have been “transferred “from being row material “input” to being advanced and sophisticated “input”. So you think of the Nuba as “input” or objects. You have to change this view. We are not inputs or objects we are human beings who have to be taken as that.

Because you think of the Nuba as “inputs” you are promising a miracle after five to ten years when the new generation will mature. Let me ask you what have you put in place to make the Nuba produce that generation with miraculous powers to transform us? You are not being sincere in this. You want to sell us a mirage. You want us to wait for your children to graduate and come to lead us. You are enjoying the comfort of your American hotels. You have no contact with us since you left this country. I hope you are not planning to be the Ahmed EL-Chalabi of the Nuba. You can not hypnotize us with this sweet talk. Give us plans, concrete plans for that matter or disappear from our faces.

Mr. Talib is sure that south Sudan is going to secede and the north will be shuttered and collapse into pieces. Mr. Talib the dooms day prophet has miraculous powers to remedy anything that will befall us. He is keeping his cards close to his chest thinking the Nuba are not mature enough to be involved in planning for their future. It is this type of thoughts that led to the emergence of people who caused the retardation of the progress in the Nuba Mountains and south Kordofan.

As for our daughter Nidal Yusif Kuwa I will congratulate her but would tell her categorically that let her not be deceived as being the first Nuba woman doctor. The system that allowed her late father and Mr. Talib the opportunity to be educated free of charge from primary to university level has also produced many Nuba women doctors. Let her not be deceived that she will have the magical wand to solve our health problems. Let her not belief the lie her uncle Talib wrote that Nuba are now more educated even after loosing 115 schools for the last 15 years. We are not better off educationally now. He who says that is telling a blatant lie.

Mohamed Kuku
Kadugli South Kordofan


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