Peace in Nuba Mountains threatened by violence and lack of progress

Kauda, Sudan
24 March, 2006

Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on January 9, 2005, the people of the Nuba Mountains have been hoping for better times, but they must be patient...

"Peace? What peace are you talking about?" says Ouwad Elamin, MP for the National Assembly. "Since the CPA was signed, there have been 196 people killed or injured in incidents here in Southern Kordofan. 174 of them fall under administration of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, the other 22 under the administration of the Government."

Sounds confusing? Didn't the SPLM join the Government of Sudan? Yes it did, but here in the Nuba Mountains, the power sharing is still a long way off.

"I have now 5 month in office," says Ismael Khamis Jelab, "and only one week ago I was able to present a provisionary cabinet. The National Congress Party, with whom the SPLM has to form the Government of the Province, is stalling any development."

"The CPA has a lot of loop-holes. We have to go to the Presidency to solve them. Meanwhile the Parliament is not functioning."

"The people are looking at us for progress and development, but instead they get violence and dissapointment. We try to keep them calm, but it is not easy."

Meanwhile, throughout the Nuba Mountains, there is hardly any difference between the time of war, and the time of peace. The most important change: water pumps in every village.

"Everything will be fine in the Nuba Mountains," says Ummassar Ali Juma Adam, MP for the Southern Kordofan Province, " but it will take a long time. The Nuba people are hard workers, we will get there!"


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