Comments on The Nuba Used and Dumped

by Talib H. Tia Ali


Some of the so called writers, who write articles in the Internet News Letters, never use their minds and brains, if they have any, when they write. They never go deep into the issues they want to write about to built a concrete article to convince their readers about what they wanted to convey. Rather, they tell lies to misinform their readers by conveying false information, and Mohamed Kuku of Kadugli is one of them.

Instead of writing a serious article, using articulated argument, and give solutions and recommendations, he preferred to create a problem by the article he wrote in Sudanese online Electronic News Letter in March 13, 2006. We are fully aware that sometimes, the security organ of the Government of Sudan are behind such articles to create problems in the region between the ethnic groups to persist and perpetuate the state of instability. These idiots believe that, they are smart enough, to corrupt the Nuba people, through hand out the dollars of the revenue of the oil production. In fact, by doing that, they never learnt from their past experiences by corrupting the opportunist in the Nuba Mountains who never and will never someday be beneficial for them. These security organs, had better address the problem of the Nuba Mountains, collectively and genuinely. Otherwise, they will be the losers by the end of the day.

Telling stories for kids in the classrooms, are totally different from writing objective articles aiming to solve problems. And, writing a composition in a classroom is easier than writing an article in a newspaper. When writing a composition in the classroom, you only need to use your imagination to write the composition story, however, this is totally different when you aim to write a serious article to discuss a serious issue, and I do not know, which one of the two assumptions, our brother Kuku of Kadugli is aiming to.

To my believe, in his article, Kuku did not bother himself to collect facts to write his article, which reduced it to a mere composition story written by a high school student or teacher.

To prove that, I will go over his composition bit by bit and comment on what he was written.

In his first paragraph, Kuku described the Nuba as "sugarcane, chewed and dumped after the Southerners got what they wanted." I do not know how did he come to this conclusion without giving an analytical justification? On what base did he set his assumptions? What were the scientific measurement did he use to come to this conclusion? To my knowledge, for someone to come to this conclusion, a comprehensive study needed to be conducted socially, economically and politically, bearing in mind that, a future forecast should be set. It is not just easy like that to write such a controversial statement without exerting any efforts to build a strong case to convince the readers. What Kuku sees, the other person sees it differently. So that, he needed a comprehensive work to come to that conclusion.

If Kuku believes that Nuba were used like sugarcane, chewed and dumped, without giving any scientific analysis that shows the difference between the Nuba before, now and then, that cannot lead to what he anticipates, because there are some others who see opposite to what he sees, also base on false measurements.

In the second paragraph, Kuku gave false information when he said that "… the myopic Yusuf Kuwa who wanted to avenge his humiliation at the hands of Elmardi the then Governor of Northern Kordofan." This statement is totally false. Yusuf Kuwa had nothing in common with Elmardi Kuku mentioned. May be Kuku was meaning somebody else, and he needs to correct this false information by himself. Even if that information was correct, and I doubt, Kuku cannot just reduce the struggle of a freedom fighter like Yusuf Kuwa into a personal issue. Presumably, Yusif Kuwa was a supporter of our great leaders at that time, i.e. Adeel, Haseeb, The Elder Elmardi and Dr. Eltigani Hassan, who were running for the governorship of the Greater Kordofan, and not, Northern Kordofan as Kuku said.

The third paragraph resembles the second one. Kuku cannot reduce the struggle of Elhilou since he was a student in the high school and the university and even after that, to a single personal event that could happen to any one else. The conclusion that Kuku reached was ridicules and inobjectivable. Kuku needs to collect more information to prove what he said.

The fourth paragraph that talks about Garang national leadership was obvious, and the Sudanese have expressed and approved that. I do not need to go farther into this point. But about the Nuba fighters who were split, I would say, both parties are now in Sudan and Kuku can easily detect which one of the two parties has a majority of fighting forces and getting support from Nuba people and why? In the same paragraph, Kuku said, "Garang could had never won a single battle without the Nuba." but he did not tell us about the Nuba in the government army and their decisive role in the war in the South since 1953. Without the Nuba in the Government troops, the government could have surrendered the South for the Southerners since early 1954. There are great differences between the Nuba who joint SPLA/M and those who joint the government forces. Those who joint SPLA, joint it willingly and voluntarily as freedom fighters, however, those who joint the government forces were forced to do that because of their poverty, illiteracy and sometimes they were recruited by force. Therefore, the Nuba who joint SPLA were free Nuba, while those who joint the government forces were enslaved Nuba, with no free hand to determine their fate and future. They are the slaves who fight for their masters and the mercenaries who fight for money and crumbs, because, they are not fighting for themselves and for the Nuba interest. I bet Mr. Kuku, if Nuba People subside and refrain from joining the government troops and other security organs and come together under one leadership; this government will immediately go astray and collapse. And we are aiming for that.

In the same paragraph, Kuku talked about the Nuba who remained with Garang but did not make use of that advantage. I would say that, the Nuba people in the SPLA liberated areas are masters of themselves. They run there lives the way they like and need. They have their won educational and other social facilities system. They know what they need and what they want and how and when to get it. Do not panic, but wait and you will see. The Nuba of today are not like the Nuba of yesterday. They have transferred from being raw material input to being advanced and sophisticated technological input. In five to ten years from now you are going to see a huge difference in the coming up of the new generation of the Nuba people who will never compromise the Nuba interest.

According to the statistics we have acquired, Nuba People are doing great, and if we compare their situation before the war and now, we will realize a great difference. Before the war for example, the illiteracy in the Nuba Mountains was wider in the Numa Mountains and among the Nuba community than anywhere else in Sudan. But now, the gap is shortening faster than anywhere and among any other group. If we take the tripe of Dr. Tabitha, who came from a very highly educated family with tow sisters holding PhDs, we realize that, before the war, you could hardly find a graduate student in her community, but now, the situation is totally different. Any Nuba family now in the Nuba Mountains or else where, has at least one of their sons graduated. The future of the Nuba kids in the the Nuba Mountains is maitained, and that of those in the Diaspora is secured and promising. Here, in the USA, the majority of the Nuba kids are top tens in their classes, most are top twenties, and non at the bottom of the class. These are promising indicators. They are real, they are not wish washy. Giving some examples, I would say, Nidal, the daughter of our great leader Yusuf Kuwa, a promising future doctor, had scored a very high score in High School examinations all across her State to be ligitemate for a scholarship. Amira Suleiman, the wife of Amin Zakaria, one of our future leaders, has set a record in her nursing school which had never happend before, and it will be too hard for her seccessors to break that record. We also have a list of a huge number of Nuba Phds and MSCs holders and those with careers in raire professtional fields, which one can not immagine that, Nuba people have reached this state in this very short period of time. I just ask Nuba community any where in the world, to be collective and stay away from the narreower tribalisim fatigue, which INF is working very hard to derive Nuba tripes into it. And they should be focused in taking care of their berelliant and beloved kids because they are great. The times of their reeping is very near.

The governments, who ruled from Khartoum, since the British colonialism, contracted a phobia of schools and schooling in the Nuba Mountains. The British spent more than ten years to decide whether Nuba kids would be taught in English or Arabic. The case was that, the British were hesitant altogether to educate Nuba kids at that time, particularly, after what so called White Flag Revelation of 1924, which I consider to be a trap set by the Nuba phobia infected in the center of Sudan, against the Nuba Officers in The Sudan Defense Force, to get rid of them, and they succeeded.

When the British at last decided to set an educational system in the Nuba Mountains and build schools, they were already about to leave Sudan and hand over the government to the elites of the Center. The British left a very poor school foundations in the Nuba Mountains, compared to any where else in Sudan. When these so called national governments took over, they were deliberately working to undermine the school systems and schools infrastructures in the Nuba Mountains. They kept the Nuba at the bottom of the education system to use them as the buffer stocks in military forces and chiep and inhuman types of labour. Despite that, Nuba kids could enforce their I.Qs in their unequiped schools. When Islamic National Front (INF) took power, theire number one mission was to destroy the remaining of the schools infrastructure in the Nuba Mountains. They liquidated or transferred the school teachers. Killed any educated Nuba in the Nuba Mountains. Close one of the powerful high school in the Nuba Mountains, and transferred it to a military barracks. Their Ambassador in Kenya expressed bombardments of SPLA schools by the government of INF killing inesont kids, as their number one target.

The Nuba people, when they decided to join the arm struggle, they were a ware about the consequences of the war. They already knew that, freedom has price to pay, and that was reflected in the rupture of the social fabric of the Nuba Mountains as Kuku said.

When Kuku said that, the Nuba do not constitute the majority of the people of the Nuba Mountains and that "the majority states has been jeopardized by the inclusion of Elfoola, Elmuglad, and Babanousa into Southern Kordofan", why does he then panic? I think that is running into interest and advantage of his masters, and he has to be happy about that. He better leaves the Nuba people alone, because the way they see and value their gains and loses is totally different from the way he sees and evaluates the same gains and loses. It was the Nuba negotiator who asked for the inclusion of the said areas and some other areas which he still asking for to be included in the Stae. In fact the negotiator had asked for these areas to be restored back to the Nuba Mountains to constitute the sate of Southern kordofan as it was before. Therefore there was nothing new. Why then Mr. Kuku panics? Is he really cries for the favor of the Nuba people? I doubt.

In his last paragraph, Mr. Kuku talked about the secession of the South and that the Nuba would remain part of the North and how the Nivasha did not justify the Nuba rebellion. I would say to Mr. Kuku of Kadugli, he better go and read the agreement thoroughly. Otherwise, it's useless to discuss this matter with him. We are sure if the situation remains as what we see now, the South definitely is going to secede. But at the same time, as the consequences, the whole Northern Sudan will be shuttered and collapsed into pieces. I would say, the Nuba people are aware about that, and they have their won way to handle that, if that happens.

In this same paragraph, Mr. Kuku talked about the post of the governors in a very naive way. But I do disagree with him. His masters in Khartoum used to select the governors in the past for the Nuba people, but now, the Nuba, from under a big tree, choose the governor they need, and they have the right to abdicate or force him to resign if he is not fulfilling their interest. Not only the governor, but also his ministers, commissioners and any other senior government post nominee. Let Kuku sees it the way he likes, but this is how Nuba People see and measure the outputs from their struggle. Nuba should stay away from what is so called Kadugli Vs. Diling, Southern Jabal Vs. Northern Jabals, Ajang Vs. non Ajang and moslims Vs. christians. These are the deadly poisons hooked for Nuba by those who are inficted with Nuba phobia , for the Nuba to believe in these false differences and fight to kill each other since those inficted by Nuba phobia failed to eliminate the Nuba through their systemetic geonocide program lunchet in the early eighties of the last suntury. In the afermath of the murder of Dr. Garang - and I will insist in that until the investigations prove the opposite - all black people in Sudan, without any exception, were targeted. Thousands of them were killed and dumped in the Nile in a colled blood shed. The classifications mentioned above did not work.

To our Governor Jalab, I would say, this is your chance to make history. It is you alone who can set a bright future forer youself. You should know that you must look at all Nuba equally and in a just manner. This is the only way that can nevegate you through to a brighter and successful future. And all Nuba with no exception are under your leadership and commandment, particularly those who are in the USA.

In conclusion, I would say, the sad story is that, some of the off springs of the concubines in the Nuba Mountains and any where else in Sudan, have been castrated in their minds and become aberrant and psychologically delirious and reduced to minions, who in the world, have the dianetics knowledge, to cure these poor minions, who could not see beyond their feet, from their chronic demons?

Talib H. TiaAli,
March 2006.


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