Sudan’s Kordofan organizes conference on religios tolerance

KADUGLI, central Sudan
Dec 1, 2005 (Sudan Tribune)

An interfaith dialogue conference calling for co-existence and tolerance among the different religious communities in Southern Kordofan State starts today.

The governor of Southern Kordofan, Maj-Gen Ismail Khamis Jallab, says the conference is part and parcel of civil society activities, adding that it does not contradict the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, The Nairobi based Sudan Radio Service (SRS) reported.

In an earlier meeting with the organizing committee, Jallab expressed his utmost readiness to launch and address the opening ceremony of the conference.

The interfaith dialogue conference, which is proposed to start on the 28 November, is stating today the 1st of December at the conference hall of Southern Kordofan legislative council in Kadugli town after the governor of the Southern Kordofan State Jallab has approved the initiative.

The president of the Sudanese Religious Co-Existence Council, Ahmad al-Tayeb Zain al-Abdin, as well as other distinguished religious leaders from all over Sudan, will also attend the conference.